Side seal Hytrel -extra cold resistant

Hytrelmaterial (Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer TPEE)
is a plastic material that is well suited for various types of seals;
where needed something extra cold resistant.

  • durable
  • tear-resistant material
  • extra cold resistant

The material has very good oil and chemical resistance.
Cold and heat resistant from -40 º C to +100 º C

Hytrel 4053 FGF is also food-safe according to "the food regulation 1935/2004"
and is very suitable in the food industry.

We have in our range two sizes:

Item.          size           meter/bobbin       Colour
Hytrel 3340K1   130 x 2 mm         100               milkywhite
Hytrel 3340K2   150 x 2, 5mm        90               milkywhite

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Hytrel Side seal extra cold resistant