Side seal Kopel -extra cold resistant

Kopelmaterial (Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer TPEE)
is a plastic material that is well suited for various types of seals;
where needed something extra cold resistant.

  • durable
  • tear-resistant material
  • extra cold resistant

The material has very good oil and chemical resistance.
Cold and heat resistant from -40 º C to +100 º C

Kopel is also food-safe according to "the food regulation 1935/2004"
and is very suitable in the food industry.

Our reference customers in Kopel is for ex. John Bean Technologies,
Nitator and Industrial Freezer Services Ltd.

We have in our range two sizes:

Item.          size           meter/bobbin       Colour
3340K1   130 x 2 mm         100               milkywhite
3340K2   150 x 2, 5mm        90               milkywhite

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Side seal extra cold resistant