The old Delary

workers at the factory 1910
the factory in Delary1885
The factory in Delary1972
Inside the factory
Harge steamboat

Some History

In Delary there has been ironworks as far back as 1730.
"Ry Ironworks" manufactured cooking stoves , iron rods , nails and stylish wrought iron crosses that still exists today on the cemeteries around, after 140 years. 1870 was the ironworks down due to lack of profitability .

In 1871 began to build a woodpulpfactory in Delary, and now began a new era for the people of the district , many people could now get a job on the new factory and thus earn a living.
Some of the workers come from England to Delary, as many of the machines ordered from there , these assemblers were seen with the same status as today's spacecraft engineers or nuclear powerbuilders.

The factory owners, was used to the humble day laborers from the area, horrified now over the English workers ' insolent ' claims and slow pace of work .
They had to send after special consignments of fine flour from the city of Malmö since

" The present English workers do not like to eat other than very fine bread "

In October 1872 started the woodpulp, Delary Mill, and you could boil the first pulp . This was celebrated greatly with the purchase of " miscellaneous things " you can read excerpts from the books in November 1872 for ex. they bought 6 bottles of champagne a ' five crowns and fine Sherry for 2.50 crowns , and 2 quarts of brandy a'5 , 50 crowns and a pound of authentic Russian caviar for 3.50 dollars.
The happiness did not last long , in1875 the entire factory burned down.

At New Year 1877 the production rwas running again , now they had also built a machine shop and in Delary, now they were building both locomotives and wagons.
For ex. The locomotive "Edward Engeström " built in 1886 -88 which can be seen today outside the factory area in Delary .

In Feb 1981,  Delary Mill's factory days was over, the business was put down for good.
Many of the beautiful old brick buildings was demolished and the machines was shipped of to India.

Today there are only a few of the buildings remain, our house is one of the oldest .
It is called " the old Soda Hall or the old "seven"

We moved in on Delary Mill in 1993 and has since had our business here at the fine old Delary Mill.