Advantage with our Polyurethane side seal

Advantages with our side seals

  •   We can deliver side seals in long lenghts to reduce the
       joints of the side seal.
  • Our Polyurethane provides much less friction than rubber.
  • High sealing capacity for ex. where there is transitions on
       the conveyor.
  •    We deliver side seal on bobbins for an easier assembly.
  • Our side seal is more gentle to the conveyormat, because
        there is no weav or cord.
  •    Is less susceptible to freezing against the conveyorment
  •    Still flexible at - 30ºC.
  •    Very suitable as a dust sealer.
  •    Our Polyurethne  side seal is FDA approved for the food         industry, acc to the food regulation 1935/2004.
Extruded Polyuretahen

Polyurethane elastomers are plastics with excellent properties, such as resistance to abrasion and solvents.
Thermo PlasticPolyurethane is resistant to most chemicals.
It can handle hot liquids and it's protected against rapid degradation upon contact with soil and humus.

Temperature range is -30ºC - +100ºC
We work with a polyurethane that has Shore 85 A

At very high levels of the following substances, the material can swell slightly.

  • Terpenes
  • Formic acid
  • Vegetable hydraulic oil
​At places where the polyurethane side seal has prolonged contact with any of the above topics, we recommend that you use one of our apvc edging.

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