GFH AB a company in southern Sweden specialized in sidesealings for   conveyorbelts in polyurethane and PVC

We provide you with extruded polyurethane on bobbins for an easier assembly.
VD Jörgen Glantz

GFH AB a unique company

GFH AB is a company in southern Sweden. We are specialized in sidesealings for conveyorbelts. We have our own
standardproducts in Polyurethane and PVC.
We manufacture and sell a product that is mainly used as a sideseal on conveyors.

Extruded Polyurethane has advantages such as, lower friction than rubber, high sealing capacity, less susceptible to freezing and you can buy them in long lengths, up to 100 Meters on Bobins, depending on the thickness and width.
We only sell whole rolls.
The Etherbased Polyurethane side seal is cold and heat resistant from -30°C to +100°C , Shore 85 A.
The side seal is also FDA approved according to "the food regulation 1935/2004" for applications in the food industry,

NOTE ! the Polyurethane is not terpen and oil resistant
If you are in need of some sideseals for places with high concentrations of terpenes, oils, formic acid.
please take a look at our Sideseals in PVC